When accessing a construction site, often the employer of the executing company says: . This first impact with the manager of the company reminds me of when the professor had to question and everyone was asking the same question: . Explaining the reason for the inspection in a polite way, that peaceful atmosphere is created, necessary for the continuation of our institutional task.

This inspection was in fact programmed following the preliminary notifications that the clients transmit to our Department; one sample is taken … today, it was the turn of Mr. Antonio Giorgini. Mr. Antonio exclaims in an ironic way, … <anyway it is better that you came today … and not for some fatal accident, … sometimes the dead can escape us for a banality … anyway, inspector, try to don’t ruin me … ..

I want to fix up … because I want to be quiet …>. I’ve heard this monologue hundreds of times, all employers repeat the same things as if they had learned the “litany” of a specific training course. in fact, if the worker operates in peace, the same produces wealth for his business. However, the behavior that the inspection staff must take during the inspection is very important, we often forget that our task is above all to achieve the safety of the construction site as an objective and certainly not only that of repression.

Photo 1 – Suitable installation of metal scaffolding with bridge and safety bridge.

Description of the site and required documentation

It is specified that the names, facts and circumstances reported in this article are purely random.

In the site inspected (Photo 1) the companyRoseto di Praia srl, whose sole director is Mr. Antonio Giorgini, carries out the carpentry work for the construction of a building for residential purposes. At the moment the works consist of the completion of the roof covering of the building divided into ground floor, first and second floor.

The commissioner of these works is Mr. Ricciardi Raffaele who has designated as coordinatorfor the planning and for the execution of the works the Arch. Nunzia Collesanti (art.90, paragraphs 3 and 4, Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments). The works started in February 2010, should be completed in November 2011. The companies that will operate in that yard are 3 even if not simultaneously, with an average daily presence of about eight workers.

The data presented above were read in the sign adjacent to the entrance to the site and in the copy of the preliminary notification displayed in a visible manner inside the same (art. 99, paragraph 2, Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments). The yard is fenced with a wire mesh of a height of 2.5 m (the height of the fence must not be less than 2m.).