It refers to the layer of materials applied on the surface of a wall that is not made of stone. They are used on the top tier for decoration purposes. It is a common characteristic of many architectural buildings and even homesteads to apply stone cladding on their walls. It is gaining popularity, especially in Australia, and it is high on demand.

Benefits of stone wall cladding

Stonewall cladding has many advantages that make people go for it. The most common benefits that people enjoy from stone wall cladding are as follows.

Natural look and feel: They have a natural enchantress that lasts for a long time. Their beauty gives them high demand in the market.

Add value: application of stone cladding in walls can help to increase the significance of that building. It makes it look more expensive than before.

They are flexible: stone wall cladding is flexible and can be used in almost any section of the building to enhance its appearance – for example, bathroom, kitchen, living room, patio, and many others.

Resistant to extreme weather conditions: there are natural stone wall cladding that is composed of materials that are highly resistant to adverse weather conditions such as frost, torrential downpours, and extreme heat.

Easy to maintain: they are natural, hence, easy to clean with pure soap and brushes. Stains cannot get a permanent spot on them.

They are resilient: they are robust and can withstand the test of time. Extreme conditions do not easily damage them. Therefore, they can be utilised almost anywhere.

Factors to put into consideration for stone wall cladding

Technology to use – there are several technologies used in stone wall cladding. Some of these technologies are efficient and produce better results than others. You must understand the kind of technology that you will deploy in the stone cladding.

Cost – It is always essential to put expenses into consideration for all the undertakings that need money. For stone cladding, some require materials that are readily available and cheap, while others will require materials that are scarce and cost a lot. Technology to use will also depend on your budget. Some techniques are more economical and affordable, while others are very sophisticated and expensive to employ

Materials to use – as mentioned earlier, some materials to be used for stone cladding are just within our environment and are easy to find. At the same time, others are very scarce and require continuous effort and resources to find. If you can afford to go for the limited materials, it’s good. Otherwise, you can go for the affordable materials.

Appearance – Appearance is very critical during stone cladding. How do you want your interior and exterior to look like? What texture do you want? Which stone colours best soothe you? Ask yourself these questions and many others when deciding about the appearance. It will, in turn, impact on the materials to use and even technology to deploy.

Maintenance cost – Cost of upkeep is also a vital element for stone wall cladding. Some materials are more resilient than others and will require very little maintenance. Other materials will cost less to purchase and install but will have high maintenance costs due to consequent breakages.

Stone wall cladding is a great innovation that helps to offer exquisite feeling on a building structure. It is a very cost-effective method that outshines the normal stone building process. Australia is among the countries that encourage creativity and innovation among her subjects, and this is part of the most encouraging field for creativity.