Based on the institutional tasks assigned to their role, the Municipal Councilors of the 5-Star Movement of Alpignano, Cosimo Di Maggio and Giuseppe Del Vecchio carried out a joint inspection of the school complexes of the city.

An inspection to check the status of the buildings, specifically inspect the bathrooms and school canteens, assess whether the works communicated by the Administration have been carried out, detect any safety problems and have the opportunity to personally verify the general conditions of the schools towns.

On Monday, April 15th, in the early morning, the Councilors Pentastellati Di Maggio and Del Vecchio, accompanied by the responsible officials Franco Melano and Andrea Capuano, went to the municipally owned buildings used as the primary school “A. Gramsci “, Secondary School of First Degree” A. Tallone ”, Primary School“ F. Turati “and Primary School” G. Matteotti “. An accurate report was prepared for each institution.

At primary school “A. Gramsci ”, closed since June 2015 by the former mayor Da Ronco for presumed unavailability caused by the presence of asbestos and recently restructured and ready for reopening in September, the Cinquestelle Directors actually found that the internal and external walls were insulated with confinement panels fixed with steel bars for greater anchoring. Even the false ceilings have been replaced, reinforced the beams and placed the new LED lighting. The gym has been completely renovated with Coni certified flooring.