What about infrared inspections?
Thermography is the use of infrared cameras to conduct inspections that look for temperature variations on building surfaces. In the right hands infrared can help to detect damp defects including plumbing leaks, termite infestations
and damage, insulation performance, electrical failures and mechanical equipment failures.
In the wrong hands, infrared is just an expensive toy.

Do not be mislead. Infrared is just another tool used by inspectors in the search for symptoms or causes of building element failures.

They have significant limitations. For example, trying to locate termite infestations in a wall is extremely limited by the size of the infestation – it takes a large termite presence to give off enough heat to see them
thermographically, and it is the exception and not the rule that active termites can be located – do not be mislead.

We have used thermography for about 10 years and continue to use infrared as an adjunct to the visual inspection of buildings.